marketing services for considered purchases

What is a considered purchase?


A considered purchase is the opposite to an impulse buy.

Typically the purchaser will be anxious about making the 'right choice' and will therefore spend time considering and researching their options.  The decision will be important, maybe because it is a high-price item, it involves a personal time commitment or there is emotional significance attached to the purchase.  

Considered purchases are often services or experiences which can't send back for a refund.


If you sell holidays, courses, experiences or professional services you will recognise this. The customer will invest more time into choosing the right provider, as the cost (emotional, time or financial) of making a poor choice is high.

Why is this relevant?

Considered purchase situations offer unique marketing opportunities. Prospective customers will require access to detailed information prior to purchase and building relationships and developing trust is more important than special offers or discounts.


This is my area of expertise.

Because the customer is investing themselves emotionally into the purchase, a positive Customer Experience is vital to retaining their custom or generating referrals. I will work with you to ensure that your marketing is targeted to provide the right information to the right customers at the right time, and ensure your website supports a seamless customer journey.

meet Sharon

Sharon is an experienced marketing professional with a passion for helping others to grow.


Sharon is customer focussed, and offers a unique breadth of marketing experience and skills, if you are looking to improve customer acquisition or conversion rates for your business, please get in touch.

Sharon Hayward - Digital Platypus