conversion optimisation

cost effective


I aim to leverage all marketing activities, for example making the most of GDPR compliant customer databases to run email marketing campaigns to drive repeat purchase, regularly cleansing data to ensure maximum deliverability rates and using re-marketing to encourage non-purchasing website visitors back to your site.


I identify where your marketing budget spend is the most effective, so you can stop wasting time and money on unprofitable channels and focus on what works.

The marketing services I offer are: 

on-going analytics

I work closely with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to analyse the results of all marketing activity, enabling decisions to be made to improve future performance.  


tracking process

Part of the success of conversion rate optimisation is having a clear process for tracking both on and offline conversions. I can help you establish KPIs to measure and track over time.

meet Sharon

Sharon is an experienced marketing professional with a passion for helping others to grow.


Offering a unique breadth of marketing experience and skills to share, if you are looking to improve customer acquisition or conversion rates for your business, please get in touch.

Sharon Hayward Digital Platypus