customer acquisition

Finding a constant stream of new customers is vital to all businesses.


The process of Customer Acquisition usually involves multiple touchpoints between the customer and your brand, but these can be grouped into 2 essential stages:

1. Discoverability - making sure prospective customers find you

2. Conversion - ensuring that they like what they find.


Here are some of the tools I use to boost your Discoverability

Inbound Marketing / SEO

When someone is searching for what you offer, your business needs to show up right where they are looking. And show up better than your competitors. 

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of identifying the keywords and search terms that your prospective customers are using, and making sure that your website gets in front of them. 

I can plan and develop new, fresh content for your site, helping you to improve your SEO and offer additional value to the customer at the same time.

Targeted Advertising / PPC eg Google Ads

 Google Ads is a great way to boost your brand to the top of the search results.  


Sometimes people don't know what they want yet. Targeted advertising using Google Search Ads, Display Ads, You Tube ads and social media ads is a great way of showcasing your products or services to people who are highly likely to be interested.

I am a Google Partner and Google Ads Certified and I integrate data from Google Ads, Google Search Console and  Google Analytics to ensure that paid adverts are driving quality visitors to your site, generating a positive ROI.

Digital Marketing & the Customer Journey


Social Media & Display Ads

thumbs up.png


Reach new audiences.

Each social network offers different targeting options


Creating engaging content to stand out and catch attention 


SEO, PPC, Search ads

google ads.png


Reach people early in purchase journey.


High competition for keywords = expensive


Remarketing Ads, Reviews

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Remind people of your brand, drive repeat web visits


Balance between reminding and annoying customers with poor targeting


Long-Tail Ads, Email

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Target people looking for exactly what you offer. High conversion rate


Potential low search volumes


The marketing services I offer are: