Customer experience

The experience that potential customers have with your brand or company determines is vital for your long term business.  A good experience will have 3 outcomes:

1 - gaining new business by converting the prospects you have invested in attracting to you site

2 - satisfied customers will write reviews, and recommend or refer you, which will help you gain more new customers

3 - they may buy from you again, thus increasing your retention and growing your business with minimal additional marketing investment.

I will work with you to review your customer's experience. This includes using website analytics to determine how effectively your website is serving them as well using feedback and surveys to gain a clear insight into how customers perceive their experience with you. 

website assessment  

Using Google Analytics and possibly Google Tag Manager, I will set up reports which track and monitor how people are interacting with your website, identifying pages which may be losing you customers and revenue, and proactively suggesting solutions for future website improvement. 

website development 

If you need significant development to your website, I can work with you or project manage this investment.  I will start by working with you to develop your unique customer personas and considering how best to support to them on their journey through your website, ensuring they encounter your key messages at the right time.


I can build a simple website for you, or for larger, more complex projects I have a network of experienced website designers and developers who I can bring in to support as and when required. 

customer communications  

Staying in touch with prospects and customers is a vital part of the experience.


I work with your to develop a communications plan and calendar.  This might include email communications and enewsletters, personalised direct mail campaigns to beat inbox fatigue as well as social media. 

Remarketing ads are also a great way to remind previous website visitors of your brand and encourage conversion.

The marketing services I provide are: