400% increase in volunteer engagement

the client

The International Youth Alliance For Peace (IYAP) based in Sri Lanka is an organisation run entirely by young volunteers. They organise a range events across the country to bring issues such as disability, gender discrimination, and environmental pollution to the awareness of school children. 

IYAP received positive feedback from the events they delivered. However, they were frustrated that other organisations and even their own volunteers didn't really understand their core purpose, nor how some of the diverse events were related.  They had a high drop-out rate of volunteers who quickly became disinterested and felt the organisation was becoming unsustainable.

the outcomes



IYAP were constantly frustrated by partners, volunteers and members misunderstanding their purpose.


I held a workshop with the President and Founder in which the Vision and Mission statements were re-phrased.


These simplified statements become the backbone of the on-boarding communications process, press-releases, the new website and social media activity.

An International Partnership was developed as an immediate response to the clear brand positioning.


Sharon is very hardworking, focussed and goal orientated. Her consultancy style was not about putting words into our mouth, but making us think and put our own ideas into words. She has given us the tools to take forward for the next 10 years.

- Thiru Kumar. Founder & President

For the last 3 years as a Youth Organisation, we have been struggling to make people understand what we are about.  From the first day of working with Sharon we have been using different terms for our mission and vision statements. She has achieved a massive amount by redefining us in the best and simplest way that anyone can understand 

- Thiru Kumar. Founder & President



The client was due to announce the results of their online volunteer recruitment campaign. 


Instead of a single, generic email reply, I introduced the client to a communication strategy model.


We identified the different groups of applicants (local, international, accepted etc) and the messages for each group were split into a series, which I mapped out in a flow diagram, along with variations based on anticipated interactions.


In order to maximise engagement, the flow utilised both email and SMS.  

Within 6 months there was a 400% increase in volunteer engagement.

meet Sharon

Sharon is an experienced marketing professional with a passion for helping others to grow.


Offering a unique breadth of marketing experience and skills to share, if you are looking to improve customer acquisition or conversion rates for your business, please get in touch.