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I also ran a Google Analytics workshop to showcase the types of data available in Google Analytics and how to use it to inform data-led decisions. 


By the end of the workshop we had identified a number of key web-pages which were not being visited. This ighlighted weaknesses in the customer journey and which enabled us to determine a number of opportunities for RJD to improve the online customer experience.


“Sharon’s workshops have proven extremely helpful. Quick-witted and personable, she brings a sharp, fresh insight to the problem space. Her specialist knowledge is exemplary and she has the natural ability to explain issues simply and succinctly. As a result of her help, we have progressed significantly in our thinking. We have no hesitation whatsoever in wholeheartedly recommending her services to others.” 


RS. Marketing Director, RJD Technology

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In a workshop that I facilitated with RJD Technology, we mapped out RJD’s unique position within their market and looked at the personas of their key target audiences as the business looks to move into new verticals.  

With a clear, fresh picture of their unique services and their target audience, RJD were able to improve how they pitched their offering, identifying what additional information needs to be included on the website as well as what type of content should be used in future marketing activity. 

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The RJD Technology Ltd team are specialists in complex process understanding and support. They have extensive experience working with large, high-profile clients. Confidentiality is a key aspect of their service.  They offer a holistic approach, reviewing clients’ systems and processes in order to provide proactive improvements and ensure data integrity throughout the clients’ organisation. Cyber Resilience services are a key part of RJD’s portfolio.