Using digital marketing to gain sales traction

the client

Sailing Logic are one of the UKs leading yacht racing schools. They decided to diversify and introduce their own sea school as a natural extension.

Sailing courses are highly standardised by the national governing body, with little scope for variation. It is also a very competitive market with a number of well-established competitors.  

It was important to gain early traction for Sailing Logic and build a reputation as a quality provider, as word of mouth is a strong influencer of sales. 

the outcome



Email data capture enabled me to develop a segmented database for email marketing. A welcome email followed by regular newsletters delivered an additional 6% of booking enquiries, and was used both to encourage repeat bookings as well as to convert enquirers who had never booked.


Within two years the Sailing Logic sea school has grown from scratch to sold out.



When Sailing Logic extended their product range to launch a new RYA sailing school the website was obviously at a disadvantage compared to longstanding competition.


I chose Google Adwords to boost exposure to potential customers. Using highly targeted keywords, bounce rate was low and the adverts successfully attracted new relevant visitors to the site.


Adwords accounted for at least 10% of booking enquiries, delivering an average 17x ROI.  Regular optimisation resulted in a doubling of clicks, within a fixed budget.


In addition, remarketing ads were used to support high value and more considered purchases, in order to keep the Sailing Logic brand top of mind during the research phase.


Email newsletters and social media were used to distribute relevant blogs, which featured calls-to-action to promote specific courses. Blog posts generated a further 5% uplift in enquiries.

meet Sharon

Sharon is an experienced marketing professional with a passion for helping others to grow.


Offering a unique breadth of marketing experience and skills to share, if you are looking to improve customer acquisition or conversion rates for your business, please get in touch.