focussing on the channels that deliver

marketing outcome



For prospective customers who hadn't submitted an enquiry or registered their contact details, a remarketing strategy was chosen   A selection of ads were used reflecting the high impact imagery from the website, to act as a brand reminder and encourage repeat website visits.


For those who had provided contact details a communication strategy was defined.  This started with a series of on-boarding emails followed by monthly newsletters. 


The content was re-focussed to potential customers based on their stage in the purchase journey, and sequentially addressed the key sales barriers. 

I worked as a strategic consultant for this client, who chose to implement the strategy in-house with occasional support for data interpretation.

I thought I could set Adwords up myself, but it is like Chinese and seemed to cost so much. Sharon made it look so easy and showed us new techniques we'd have never worked out.

 - A.Gamson. Commercial Director 



It was clear that different creatives were being used across the different marketing channels and website. This inconsistency reflects poorly on the corporate image, so the marketing team established a new theme, which has been adopted across all social media channel, all display marketing ads, the website and newsletter.

I instigated an alumni survey from which some of the brand's strengths were highlighted. Capturing the language of the consumers opened up opportunities for improving engagement within website and and newsletter copy.



My website performance audit highlighted that 'referral' traffic had the highest conversion rate.


As the client was keen to explore social media advertising and Google Ads PPC, a small budget was set aside for a trial which quickly concluded that what _SocialStarters offers is so niche that people don't search for it, because they don't yet know they want it. 


From an alumni survey I identified that prospects need to be first inspired by the concept and then introduced to the brand.   

As a result of this insight, I worked with the Commercial Director to demonstrate how _SocialStarters would most benefit from developing a partner marketing strategy.  

the client

_SocialStarters is a niche organisation matching skilled business professionals, looking to do something with a purpose, with social entrepreneurs around the world who would benefit from additional business expertise. This upskills both the entrepreneur and the the volunteer, often opening up further impactful opportunities.

This is a considered purchase for the volunteers, who usually partake as a career break. The loss of income in addition to the project costs makes it a significant financial and emotional investment.  SocialStarters are a start-up organisation and lack the historical credibility of more established volunteer schemes.